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The Cave - Blumenkohl








The Cave - Blumenkohl

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The Cave - Blumenkohl

sound performance about time and water


In 1992 I was visiting a cave in France. Inside the cave there was a river flowing. A guide was leading us through the cave, explaining something in French from time to time. I don't speak French so I couldn't understand him - except the only word he said in German: "Blumenkohl". Inside the cave you hear the permanent mighty sound of the water, permanent slowly changing and dissapearing for one time in the middle of the walk.


"The Cave - Blumenkohl" is an acoustic journey based on the original recording of the cavewalk in 1992. The audience is invited to listen to my sound experiences and - as most of them probably will understand French - watch the explanations of the guide. Compared to the age of the cave, the time delay of about 15 years will not matter.


My interest in sound is more focussed on "listening" than on "understanding". The pure listening of the water and the guide's voice brings them together to one unit. The water has sounded in 1992 nearly the same way as many thousand years before and (not noticing the grammar of the 20th century French language and the intellectual meaning of the words) the voice of the guide might be nearly the same as the voice from a man living in that cave many thousand years ago. So what about the age of the recorded tape: 15 years - or what ...?