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Come un Forno






Impressum / DSGVO

Come un Forno

As a young student at the Art Academy in the late 70th I met the Japanese musician and sound artist Kosugi, who had collaborated intensively with John Cage and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. He was the first one speaking of "sound cooking" which at that time was quite impressive to me. And even in my recent artwork the idea of "cooking" as a form of "composing" is still very important.


My understatement of art is that art is just there for itself – it is never an idiom or a symbol for something else. Thinking about "art in cooking" I came to the point to use some terms and forms that are in any kind of relation to cooking like the number 4 as the size of an oven with 4 heating-disks or the inside of an electric accumulator – the basic technical structure of pure energy.


But COME UN FORNO will be nothing else than just a sounding sculpture. It will be the sounds of basic food like grano duro, riso, sale etc and the sound of cooking itself. with which I will create a composition. And the same ingredients which can be heard in the composition and be played by the loudspeakers will be inside the loudspeakers and transform the sound of itself.


It will be a meal for the ears – enjoy it – e bon appetito !